Sunday 22 April 2018

Chinese Tourism On The Rise

China is now Australia’s number one source of tourists with a staggering 226,900 arriving in February alone, and breaking the record for that month. They have replaced New Zealand as our largest source of tourists.

BusinessInsider is drawing a link between February’s 0.6% rise in retail sales and the influx of Chinese tourists.

Within QVM there is anecdotal evidence that the nature of Chinese visitation is changing. Traders are reporting more independent Chinese visitations in addition to the usual organised tours. What are described as middle income visitors, often with a good understanding of English, are starting to become more obvious.

One of our traders is closely watching that trend and has plans to adjust his range for a more discerning Chinese visitor, often looking for items with a distinctive Australian flavour.

Earlier this month we reported on the importance of tourism to the Upper Market -

The potential of Chinese tourism is immense as its large population rapidly becomes more global in its outlook.

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