Sunday 29 April 2018

Three Trader Assists In One Week

QVM Traders are independent business people and our businesses are incredibly time consuming but when traders take the time to assist their fellow traders it is worthy of note and I had three such instances this week.

Business expenses are a major concern for every trader and sometimes even the little things can add up. In my business we personalise our carry bags with printed paper labels and the labels can be expensive from traditional sources like Officeworks ($45 per 100 sheets). I mentioned this to a trader and he said he was now buying equivalent quality labels on eBay for around half the cost. He sent me the link and I have now ordered online from an Australian supplier.  Here is the link to one of the suppliers on eBay - Thanks to Bruce Pham for this assist.

Photography – Good photographs can make a big difference on websites and social media, and this trader offered to assist me get a bit more creative with my photos. He spent around half an hour of his time taking and sharing photos on Friday and Saturday and I have already introduced the results into my social media feed. You can see some of those photos in a separate article on Victraders.  A big thank you to Mino Voloder.

Sales Assist – this trader sells goods in my category and in a few items we are direct competitors, but when a customer asked for an item that only I carry, the trader phoned me, asked for my trading location, and sent the customer around to see me. That ended up in a substantial sale. A big shout-out to Bob Chhugani for the referral.

Traders helping traders is a great experience and if the end result is happy customers, we are all winners.