Sunday 15 July 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 15/7/2018

Night Market – we have reports of another great trading night with one trader claiming his best day ever at QVM. The crowd was huge, the queues were long and the atmosphere vibrant. In fact we had a couple of reports about the “crowd crush” and families with younger children wondering whether they would venture back. It’s a nice problem to have, and questions are being asked about how the night market might be expanded with opportunities for more traders. Thanks to Mino for the photo.

Farewell and thank you to traders, Krista and Gerry from Fairydance, for their professionalism and the important variety they offered to our market. We wish them every success in their future endeavours.

We saw a great photo of trader, Betty Jennings, blowing out her birthday cake last week. Unfortunately the normal shy and retiring Betty didn’t give us approval to publish the photo but we want to wish you happy birthday anyway Betty.

A Trader has reported that she had three customers on Thursday who had seen colourful photos of her products online. Photographs had been posted on the QVM web page and also on QVM’s Instagram page.

Night Market – a Trader offered the following comparison on the Night Market over the Day Market. The Day Market gets tight fisted husbands shopping while their free-spending wives let loose at the Night Market. That might be a bit sexist and stereo-typed but we get the sentiment.

Confusing Hours – we know our trading hours are confusing with their variety of closing times but one trader has pointed out that the official advice is wrong. This card shows GM closing at 4:00 on a Friday when in fact 3:00 ‘o’clock closing was introduced during Jan Cochrane-Harry’s reign.

One Trader is daring to dream. He is suggesting that improved crowds over recent weeks may be due to better promotion from our Marketing team. He even suggested that we should limit bad news stories on Victraders, saying it is time to accept what we have got and move on. We like that sentiment.

A trader says the world needs a new Scheduling Manager. Timing Wimbledon, Le Tour de France, World Cup Soccer and Betty Jennings birthday all in one week is just crazy.

We nearly fell off our chair when we got an email from confessed email denier, Michael Mallon, this week. OK, somebody else sent it on Michael’s behalf, and when pressed, Michael admitted it was more reliable than carrier pigeon.

A Great Sign - The parking employee said he had put this sign out two days running which was most unusual. Thanks to Mino for the photo.

Traders Award Night - one trader questioned the distribution of award categories with a small number of traders in the single category Poultry & Game, while in the  Upper Market there could be some 20 or so product groupings which would have more  traders but they are all lumped under the General Merchandise category.

Pink Is In Town - we can't hang our hats on anything in retail these days but a number of traders are hoping that 9 Pink concerts in Melbourne commencing Monday 16th July might impact on business at QVM.