Sunday 15 July 2018

Retail News One-liners - 15/7/2018

Latest Retail News – 15/7/2018
1. A free supermarket opens in Melbourne’s inner North to combat waste.
2. Aldi beats Coles and Woolworths for most trusted brand.
3. Report says price is the main factor driving customer loyalty.
4. Oroton struggles with its future – says equity nil.
5. Starbucks to phase out plastic straws.
6. Calls for regulation following listeria outbreak in Europe sourced frozen veges.
7. Noni B posts strong fiscal year.##
8. Eyewear retailer, George & Matilda, reaches 50 stores milestone.
9. Darrel Lea purchases Lifesaver brand from Nestle.

## Noni B credits its strong performance on remaining focused with its middle-aged women clientele who may not embrace Instagram but continue to enjoy in-store shopping.