Sunday 22 July 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 22/7/2018

We are  a tough lot -  a trader who survived a major 5 hour heart operation on Thursday managed to pick up his mobile and ring a colleague at 6:30am Saturday morning to check how business was going at the market. John’s friends and colleagues will be pleased to know that he is recovering well.

Adding To The Crowd – check out this photo of one of our traders and particularly the small figure standing in front of his stall. It is said that you need a crowd to create a buying mood and this trader has found a unique way to get the crowd started. Yep, that is not a real person.

An Important Trader Meeting – this meeting in String Bean Alley had all the hallmarks of an important event. There were even refreshments provided. And, what could be more important than the World Cup which prompted the handing out of awards to those traders clever enough or lucky enough to choose winning teams.
The trio photo shows organiser Tony Pierrakos, David who drew France as the winning team, and Linh who had a double-whammy drawing second placed Croatia, and also the top goal scorer. Yakov who drew the third placegetter was also in attendance and everybody enjoyed the “free” cakes, although one trader pointed out the cakes were paid for by the losers so were not technically free. It is hard to feel charitable when you have lost.

Awards Night - one of our traders questioned whether traders waiting on license renewals were eligible for trader awards in the upcoming awards night. We can confirm that all license holders are eligible including those who are waiting for renewals. Apparently your current license continues to operate until it is renewed or formally terminated.