Sunday 1 July 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 1/7/2018

Our Trader Community shows its best when personalities are at risk and the news under the sheds this week was dominated by concern for Security Guard Charlie, and Guru Pete our intrepid Market Cleaner. A separate article (see here) covers both.

One trader has decided to show the world that he is not a slave to business and he will not succumb to ongoing disinterest from customers. Poor business can be very debilitating. He has decided to do something different on the key trading day of the week, cast his cares to the wind, and do something completely against his normal strict work ethic. He is taking Sunday off to go to the footy. He figures that this little rebellion will give him a breather, allow him to enjoy one of the passions a market trader is often denied, and boost his sense of being in control. Of course his wallet will be a little lighter but maybe this is a good circuit breaker for any trader.

We have mentioned elsewhere that Guru Pete had a short stint in hospital this week. While he was there a few traders called in to check up on him. Pete claims it was because he owed them money, but we know the real reason.

Traders hate waiting around for things to happen and there have been a few calls this week for some positive action. One trader has suggested that we need to bite the bullet and start trading 10am to 6pm every trading day. Another suggested that we need to stop the gerrymander with storage boxes. Boxes in aisles are a turnoff for business and every trader should store their boxes within their stall boundaries. Interestingly both were advocating strict no-compromise adherence.

On a quiet day there is always at least one good news story in the Upper market and on Friday it was the trader who only had a few sales but one of them involved multiple items that was equivalent to a normal days takings.

A trader commented that he had never heard so many traders saying they were seriously considering their future as a market trader.

Artistic Customers – one of our traders was excited to find that a group of three young ladies visiting his stall were from Russia’s St Petersburg ballet currently performing in Melbourne. They enjoyed their buying experience and gladly posed for a social media photo.

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01/07/2018 22:12:03      Market Trader Ball  "While the Traders Ball may seem like a short term feel good story can we really justify the expense that could be better directed for the markets long term use such as advertising & promotions, marketing give aways, or maintenance etc ??"
The Trader Ball was a great night because it focused on traders. Traders are rarely complimented unless it is for marketing purposes, and the hard work that goes into running a market stall is worthy of recognition. The benefits from that first night were not really short term (we are still talking about it) and perhaps the price of a few newspaper advertisements is worth celebrating the contribution Traders make to QVM and the City. Recognition doesn't pay the bills but it makes it a lot easier to keep a focus on what does. - Ed.