Sunday 8 July 2018

Some Compelling Articles We Came Across This Week

Fear Of Caves and Avoiding The “Butt Brush”
We love these articles from The Conversation. They are usually written by academic specialists who bring an interesting perspective to retailing. This one about customer movement contains some great observations.

Keeping The Best Of The Old
This article about the iconic Doc Martens footwear brand caught our attention with the line – “a long-established retail business merging tradition and heritage; classical footprints with digital transformation; increased customer centricity; and good old fashioned community building”

Live Longer, Drink Coffee
We have plenty of really good coffee outlets at QVM and this article is right up their alley.

The Latest Retail Sales Report
Business Insider has been good enough to summarise the content of the latest report from the RBA concerning May retail sales.

One Successful Retailer Who Insists You Come In-store To Purchase.

What The Law says About Using Re-useable Containers.
An interesting article about a subject in the news this past week. Because it involves the law, we suggest you do your own checking.

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